• We buy and sell houses.

  • To buy houses, we prefer to borrow money from private individuals. 

  • We pay a high rate of return to use your money.

  • It's really that simple. 


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Mason Real Estate Group 

Private Lender Program

​​High rate of return

How it Works

Our Private Lender Program is currently limited to residents of Virginia. Please contact us to see when this offer will be made in your state.  

Complete this form to set up a no obligation appointment to learn more about our private lender program.


1. We locate the house we want to buy.

2. We borrow from you to purchase the house.

3. We have a formal closing and you get a mortgage, personal promissory note, hazard insurance, and title insurance. 

4. We renovate and sell the house.

5. You receive your principal plus interest.